Acai Smoothie Bowl


Lately Cody and myself have been ALL ABOUT mixing those good ole greens into our smoothies…Cody calls them “shakes” or “juice.” I love sippin’ on them when I sit in traffic every morning (most of the time double fisting with coffee). It fills me up, give me a big ole dose of healthy green goodness first thing in the morning and just gets my day off to a really good start.

Sometimes I will treat myself a smoothie or acai bowl from nekter or another juice place. This particular morning I had the bright idea to make my own bowl! I went over to whole foods and picked up a few things and made these, and I think they turned out really good! I am going to share approximate measurements of of what I used…but really play with it if you want to! Add your fav smoothie additives, your favorite fruit and your favorite granola. Or, even better, make your own granola! The possibilities are literally endless. We mainly make all of our smoothies in a nutri-bullet, so that is what I will be using to mix our bowls.








This makes 2 bowls:
1/2 cup almond milk
4 4.oz Acai packets
1 and 1/2 bananas
10-12 strawberries
small container blueberries
small container pomegranate seeds
2 tablespoons finely ground flax seeds
2 tablespoons hemp seeds
3-4 table spoons bee pollen
1/4 walnuts
1/2 cup finely shredded unsweetened coconut
2 scoops Vital Proteins collagen peptides (I only put this in my bowl, not Cody’s)
3 tablespoons raw honey
2 cups Purely Elizabeth blueberry hemp ancient grain granola (LOVE THIS GRANOLA!)
10 ice cubes


Chop up all of your fruits (excluding pomegranate seeds) and put to the side, somewhere easily accessible. Divide up all of your measurements of seeds, nuts, coconut flakes, and bee pollen into tiny containers so it is easier to stick to appropriate portions when assembling the smoothie.

Start by emptying two of the packets of frozen acai into the nutribullet cup. Then go ahead and put half of everything into the smoothie (excluding pomegranate seeds, bee pollen, granola and honey). Blend it to your desired consistency. **If you are doing two servings at once in a blender simply put all of the measured out portions, instead of just half. You will also leave out the excluded items mentioned above.

I would also recommend adding a scoop (or two!) of the Vital Proteins collagen peptides to the smoothie bowl, as well. It is tasteless so it will not alter the taste of the smoothie at all.

Once your smoothie is blended put it in a bowl, or a container to eat out of. Spread a nice layer of the granola over the top of the smoothie. Take the strawberries, blueberries, banana, pomegranate seeds, coconut flakes, and bee pollen and sprinkle ass you wish over the top. After that is done drizzle your desired amount of the raw honey over the top. Eat, and ENJOY!




They were seriously so filling and yummy. I think you could add some nut butter or a scoop of vanilla protein powder, as well if you wanted to bulk it up a bit. The Purely Elizabeth granola is seriously my favorite. I love just eating it with some almond milk first thing in the morning with my coffee. YUM!

I know it seems like a lot of ingredients, but I actually had a lot of the stuff already, as we do eat smoothies often. I find that I like to accumulate a lot of additives so that I can mix and match them. It is so much fun, I feel like a smoothie mixologist! I would totally love to know your favorite smoothie additives, too! Please leave them in the comments below! Are there any I can’t live without?

Have a great Wednesday! Home stretch to the weekend! It is Cody’s birthday this weekend, and I am treating him out to dinner like he does to me, often…sweet man! Ok, have a great weekend!

As always, thanks for reading.

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