HAPPY 2017!!! I cannot believe it is the start of a new year already. This year literally flew by so fast!

Often times in the new year people set new year’s resolutions that fall off within the first few weeks of the year. I, myself, am guilty of letting it happen. A few years ago I gave up on the idea of new year’s resolutions altogether because it seemed like a bunch of crap to me. They still kind of do…not to say that they may not work for some. For me, I find that instead of making these sudden changes, I react more positively and effectively to gradual lifestyle choices. I find that going cold turkey cutting myself off to all of my guilty pleasures only makes me want them even MORE! That is the exact opposite effect of what I want to happen. So, I guess these are what you would call my Anti-Resolutions. With gradual lifestyle choices you can slowly introduce new ideas, responsibilities, rituals, etc…and you aren’t completely thrown out of your element.

Without further ado, here are my Anti-Resolutions for 2017! (but also for like, ever…):

Spend more time outdoors: I love fresh air and I seriously do not get enough of it. When you work and spend 8+ hours in an office it does become more difficult to spend time outdoors. Especially this time of year because it is dark and cold when you walk out of the office, and it just makes me want to cuddle. This one will likely be the hardest for me, not because I don’t want to spend time outdoors, it just physically and logistically will be less likely to happen because, well, life…I plan on taking advantage of my weekends and will try to go on hikes, run outdoor instead of the treadmill at the gym, or even something as simple as taking a walk on the beach or a nice path.

SAVE SAVE SAVE!: Yes, 2017 will be the year of savings. There are so many things that I believe the future holds for me (i.e. wedding, house, babies, etc…) so I am making it a priority to be able to afford them when the time comes I have also recently opened an IRA so that I can begin to save for retirement (ugh, so adult….I can barely handle it). I also plan on making a spreadsheet with all of my monthly bills to set a “fun spending” budget for myself as well as figure out how much I can save monthly and still be comfortable.


Travel more: I have been fortunate enough to go on a few trips in my lifetime, however, I haven’t even scratched the surface on the list of places I would love to visit. Right now is the perfect time to travel for Cody and myself; we have no animals, no kids and no house. Unfortunately, traveling costs money, so this resolution definitely goes hand in hand with #2! We are determined to become frugal travelers, so be expecting some posts on that in the future!

Eat less sugar: For the most part, I would definitely say I have a pretty good diet. There are some things I refuse to give up (Del Taco and In-N-Out I am lookin’ at you!) But, in general, Cody and myself put extra effort into giving our bodies the best fuel possible. I do have one major downfall; SUGAR. Yeah, I love that shit. I crave it daily, and it is so bad! In 2017 I vow to make a conscious effort to reduce my sugar intake. Has anyone seen my willpower?


Spend less money on material possessions:
If you know me, I LOVE shopping. I do. I also just love things, love to have things, love to touch things, love to wear things…ALL THE THINGS!!. I recently watched a documentary on Netflix called “Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things.” Needless to say I am not ready to be a full fledged minimalist, however, it made me realize that I have SO MANY things that I do not use. Can you imagine how much money I would have saved if I didn’t buy those items to begin with?! I plan on going with the “24 hour rule.” If I want something, I will set a reminder on my phone to revisit it 24 hours later, whether it be in store or online, and take that time to really think about if that item is essential to my life. In turn, I plan on spending more money (but not overspending!) on experiences instead.

Focus on wellness, in general: To me, this means caring for my body in a more holistic way. Care about all of the sums that complete my whole, and encourage others to live and treat their bodies the same way. This means caring about what food you are putting into your body, what products you are putting onto your skin, detergents and cleaners, etc… This will likely become quite an important part of not only my life, but also of this blog.


With that being said, there’s going to be some changes around here! Yes, that is right, be expecting slightly different posts and inspirations from My JennaRaetion. I will be sharing some of my favorite workouts, recipes (both of the healthy and splurge variety), reviews of books, podcasts, and there may still be some beauty and fashion sprinkled in from time to time. I am REALLY excited for all of the new changes and I hope that you will follow along with me to make 2017 your best year yet!

As always, thank you so much for reading and for the support. It means so much. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you ever have a post suggestion let me know!



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