Classic Neutrals…


I feel like trends come and go so often…it is seriously so hard to keep up. It seems like I will buy something, wear it once and then donate it to goodwill, or sell it. Then, we get the next trendy item, and the cycle repeats and goes on and on and well, you get the point… So I have decided to try adding more neutrals and classic cut pieces. I feel most crisp and classic in white, so a soft, white button up shirt with a boyfriend fit was a no brainer. Then I thought about what jeans can I depend on to dress up or down….my dark skinny jeans, duh. What shoe is probably the most versatile? I would say my nude pumps. Then I added a black leather bag in a classic shape (satchel) and my good ole trusty ray-ban aviators. So crisp and classic.








White Button-Up | Jeans | Bag | Sunnies | Pumps

I am finding it way easier to get dressed because almost everything I own can be mixed and matched. LOVE THAT! I am thinking I will wear this exact outfit to work at some point this week. Speaking of this week, BLAH MONDAY after a 4 day weekend. I am kind of already looking forward to next weekend! I hope everyone has a short & fabulous week!

As always, thanks so much for reading!


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Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: Part 2

Happy Black Friday, Ya’ll!!! I hope you shop till you drop today! I did a bit of mine last weekend…and it was exhausting, so I am just hangin’ out today. But if you happen to need some gift inspiration for your loved ones, don’t worry…I got you covered! Today’s post will be featuring gift ideas for your dude, your girlfriends and for the athletes and gym rats. Don’t forget to also get some inspiration from my Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: Part 1 from last week!

For your Dude:


Shop for Your Dude:

1. Buffalo-plaid shirt jacket 2. Go Pro 3. Nixon Watch 4. Nike Free Running Shoes 5. Jack Black Lip Balm Set 6. T-Rex Puzzle (This is silly, but how cute would that be on his desk? To add a bit of playfulness to an otherwise boring work day.)

For your Girlfriends:


Shop for your Girlfriends:

1. Stila Liquid Lipstick Set 2. Faux Shearling Throw Blanket 3. Thermal PJ Top & Bottoms 4. Tarte Eyeshadow Palette 5. Make-Up Case

For the Gym Rat & Athlete:


Shop for the Gym Rat & Athlete

1. TRX Straps 2. Men’s Puffer Vest 3. Women’s Puffer Vest 4. Garmin Forerunner GPS Watch 5. S’Well Water Bottle 6. Bluetooth Earbuds

If you have enough courage to brave the malls and stores today, then kudos to you! But if you are exhausted and think you deserve a day off (like me!!!) then you can simply shop all of the good sales on the interwebs. A lot and I mean A LOT of the items above are on major sale. GO GO GO!

I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and that you got to eat lots of yummy food! Happy shopping!

As always, thank you SO much for reading!


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Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide; Part 1

Every year I absolutely dread Christmas shopping. I LOVE giving gifts, but always worry if the recipient will love the gift. I hate gifting crap that they will likely never use again, so, I typically aim to give something they will actually use and appreciate. So, as my gift to you; my loyal readers, is part 1 of the ULTIMATE GIFT GUIDE! There is guaranteed something for everyone at a few different price points.

For the Hostess:


Shop for The Hostess:

1. Dessert Plate 2. C&C At Home Book 3. Paddle Serving Board 4. Cheese Markers 5. Stemless Wine Glasses


For Mom:


Shop for Mom:

1. Robotic Vacuum 2. Voluspa Candle Trio 3. “Cravings” Cookbook 4. Small Tasseled Crossbody Bag 5. Drybar Round Brush

For Dad:


Shop for Dad:

1. Apple TV 2. Beer Brewing Kit 3. Grilling Spatula 4. Ugg Slippers

For the Techie:


Shop for Techies:

1. Fit Bit 2. Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 3. HP Portable Photo Printer 4. Amazon Echo Dot

I seriously cannot believe that next weekend is Thanksgiving! Christmas will be here before we know it, so you better start shopping now! I would also keep an eye out on Cyber Monday for some of the techie gadgets mentioned above! They truly have some great deals the Monday after Thanksgiving. I am going outlet shopping with Cody’s mom and sister this weekend, and it is seriously getting me through this week! That, and we are going to a Friendsgiving Saturday night, and I am making a few super yummy things that may or may not be on the blog soon! NOM!

Keep an eye out for THE ULTIMATE GIFT GUIDE part 2, coming next week! Ok, have a SUPER weekend! I hope it is equally relaxing and productive.

As always, thanks so much for reading and leaving sweet remarks!


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Puppies & Plaid


Yes, I know my snapchat and insta story was completely flooded with videos and photos of this little nugget, I just can’t help it. He is seriously so cute. I have been wanting a puppy forever and ever, but Cody and I just can’t get one right now. We both are so busy and work a lot, and feel it would be wrong to just leave a pup home all day. We have promised we will get one (and spoil it!) when the time is right. Until then, we will have to borrow this little guy from his parents every so often.













His name is Brody and he is a Shiba Inu and Husky mix. He is Cody’s parents pup, and has only been in the family for a week now. He is very stubborn, headstrong and independent. But also very, very sweet and mostly docile and nonchalant. Brody literally doesn’t bat a lash when another dog walks by. When we had him at the beach about half a dozen people came up to pet him and he just sat there like a huge ham. There was this family of kids who were in his face trying to kiss him and all he did was give them gentle face licks. So sweet! However, about 8 o’ clock every night he gets this huge burst of energy and turns into a demon dog for like an hour and a half? Yeah, definitely giving props to Cody’s parents for dealing with that every night!

But it was super fun to spend the weekend with him and get a little puppy love in. We also saw Doctor Strange and it was really good! Such a good weekend! Love going into the week so happy and refreshed.

Hope everyone has a fantastic week!


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Mint Green Mock Neck Dress


I was in Target to get like toothpaste or something and I somehow ended up in the clothing section and there just happened to be a 20% off all dresses sale going on, and I just happened to leave with this dress….and no toothpaste. No, but really, I had to have this cute little dress. I thought it would be perfect for Thanksgiving with family–I love to look cute, because it is a holiday, but I also want to be comfortable. Plus, I always love to wear dresses on thanksgiving so I can eat whatever I want and I won’t have to worry about the judge mental pink marks around the waist that jeans give you.

Also, these flats are seriously so cute and comfy. Perfect for being on my feet all day helping my mom cook thanksgiving dinner. Also, I think I wore them three days in a row this week to the office.








SHOP THIS POST & some similar things that I LOVE below:

We had a super exciting weekend! We had my brother and his wife over for a FEAST that I cooked on Saturday, like legit feast. I made s’mores cookies and they were a huge hit! (If you want the recipe comment below!) Then Cody bought his parents the CUTEST puppy. He is a Shiba Inu/Husky mix. He doesn’t have a name yet, but we love him so much! He may make an appearance on the blog sometime soon!

I also made some yummy food for lunch this week, so I am READY to take on Monday like a champ. Hope everyone has an easy and fast week!

Thanks so much for reading!


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Black Lace-Up Dress








Firstly, I have been super MIA and slacking major with blog posts SO SORRY! I went on Vacation with Cody and it was just so good to leave me phone in our room and not worry about posting all the time. Sometimes we just need to unplug for a little while…ya feel?

Now about this dress…I always love a good black dress. You can do so much with them, like pair them with red lips and bag, or neutrals, or just black on black. This dress has the cutest lace-up neck and is ribbed, which for some reason I just love. I can’t wait to layer a vest or a long cardigan over it when it actually gets chilly here in Southern California…whenever that may be!

Outfit Details:

Dress (comes in a cute striped version too) | Boots are from last year, similar here ($), here ($$) | Similar bag here and here

I hope everyone has a wonderful rest of your week! Thanks for reading!


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Dark Floral Peplum Top


Thank the good lord it has finally started to cool down enough for jeans! *raises hands in praise*

I was starting to get worried there for a while that it was going to be 90 degrees daily clear into December. But the leaves are finally starting to change colors (or as much as they can in California), the evenings are beginning to feel more crisp and I definitely can’t wear tank tops to the office anymore. I’m not mad about any of it.

Currently I am loving lighter long sleeve tops and jeans pretty much on the daily. This peplum top is seriously just so cure and I had to have it the moment I saw it. In case you missed my Fall Must Haves post, dark florals are something I am really into this season. I am very much looking forward to adding more of them to my closet this fall and winter.







Yes, I am VERY happy it is starting to cool off. Unfortunately, it does look like it will be pretty warm the next few days here in Southern California, but Cody and I don’t care because we’re taking off on a vacation to Cancun today! We are SO excited. Keep an eye out on social media for all of our vacay shenanigans!

Thanks for reading!


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White Plaid Top & Mom Jeans


With the weather slowly creeping into fall, the weather is SO hit and miss. It is too cold for bare arms and legs in the morning when I leave for work, but if I dare walk out of the office with all those clothes on in the afternoon, I will literally die from the heat. So, recently I have been layering. Waring a take or short sleeve top with a light sweater or jacket, so that I can peel it off later in the day. This plaid top and sweater combo is perfect for the current California weather. Plus, paired with these mom jeans and cognac boots, it is such a casual cool combination.










Yes, this will likely be my weekend uniform until otherwise noted. I’m not mad about it (but please, Mother Nature, bring us some cooler weather!)

Happy Monday and thanks SO much for reading!


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Thursday Things: Loafers


I do love wearing heels…I truly do. I love how they give my 5’2 frame some height when I feel stubby, and I like how they make me feel powerful…..but, I also love being comfortable. Enter; the loafer. The ultimate power shoe that is low to the ground. I love how they are a menswear inspired, but adding a fun print or color and a slimmer shape make them more streamline and feminine. Here are my picks:

Cheetah Print Leather Loafers: Seriously, how cute are these?? The shape of this shoe is so conservative, so the cheetah print is an amazing juxtaposition to that.


Black Leather Backless Loafers: These are so sleek. OH man! With slacks, with jeans, midi dresses. The possibilities are endless.


Gold Pointed Toe Loafers: These are the Beyonce of Loafers. The end.


Pointed Toe Mule Loafers: I am dying to get these. It has take all of my willpower not to order them yet. i LOVE the light grey suede. So chic.


Ugg Moccasin Loafer: These are just classy and classic. They are the Jackie Kennedy of Loafers…you could wear them for years to come.



Needless to say I am a little obsessed with loafers and mules. I have also been wanting some classic nude pumps. What’s you current shoe craving?

Happy Friday Eve!

sign off 2

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Fall Must Haves

After experiencing the heat wave that has stricken southern California this week, and our A/C not working very well, I have NEVER been more ready for this season change into fall. Seriously, I am ready for pumpkin flavored everything, snuggles by the fire and big chunky sweaters that cover my thanksgiving food baby. I have rounded up some of the things I am craving most for the Fall season that I think will also work well into the California winter.

Dark Florals:


Florals are a must for me year round, but I do love the idea of darkening them up in the cooler months. Check out all of my favorites below…(I ordered #4 and can’t wait for it to arrive!):

Wool Hats:

I love spending time outdoors when the weather is just perfectly cool here in SoCal. It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, the sun will still burn you! Which is why these wool hats are perfect for a casual weekend out. These are my favs:



Who doesn’t love a cozy cardigan? I love wearing these over my summer tank tops so that I can use them almost year round. Have Number #2 and am dying to get #4 in the lavender.



I WANT ALL THE BOOTIES. Seriously, there are so many cute ones, I can’t even take it. Dying for #5 in the burgundy suede, for a little something different. Find my casual & neutral picks below:


Neutral Bags:

Neutral bags are my ish. They go with everything, literally. I have been looking for a good structured neutral bag, and I think I see a few prospects in this bunch:


Now, if only the California weather would permit me to indulge in a few of these items, we would be all set. Hope the rest of your week is swell. As always, thanks for reading!

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