Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: Part 2

Happy Black Friday, Ya’ll!!! I hope you shop till you drop today! I did a bit of mine last weekend…and it was exhausting, so I am just hangin’ out today. But if you happen to need some gift inspiration for your loved ones, don’t worry…I got you covered! Today’s post will be featuring gift ideas for your dude, your girlfriends and for the athletes and gym rats. Don’t forget to also get some inspiration from my Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: Part 1 from last week!

For your Dude:


Shop for Your Dude:

1. Buffalo-plaid shirt jacket 2. Go Pro 3. Nixon Watch 4. Nike Free Running Shoes 5. Jack Black Lip Balm Set 6. T-Rex Puzzle (This is silly, but how cute would that be on his desk? To add a bit of playfulness to an otherwise boring work day.)

For your Girlfriends:


Shop for your Girlfriends:

1. Stila Liquid Lipstick Set 2. Faux Shearling Throw Blanket 3. Thermal PJ Top & Bottoms 4. Tarte Eyeshadow Palette 5. Make-Up Case

For the Gym Rat & Athlete:


Shop for the Gym Rat & Athlete

1. TRX Straps 2. Men’s Puffer Vest 3. Women’s Puffer Vest 4. Garmin Forerunner GPS Watch 5. S’Well Water Bottle 6. Bluetooth Earbuds

If you have enough courage to brave the malls and stores today, then kudos to you! But if you are exhausted and think you deserve a day off (like me!!!) then you can simply shop all of the good sales on the interwebs. A lot and I mean A LOT of the items above are on major sale. GO GO GO!

I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and that you got to eat lots of yummy food! Happy shopping!

As always, thank you SO much for reading!


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Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide; Part 1

Every year I absolutely dread Christmas shopping. I LOVE giving gifts, but always worry if the recipient will love the gift. I hate gifting crap that they will likely never use again, so, I typically aim to give something they will actually use and appreciate. So, as my gift to you; my loyal readers, is part 1 of the ULTIMATE GIFT GUIDE! There is guaranteed something for everyone at a few different price points.

For the Hostess:


Shop for The Hostess:

1. Dessert Plate 2. C&C At Home Book 3. Paddle Serving Board 4. Cheese Markers 5. Stemless Wine Glasses


For Mom:


Shop for Mom:

1. Robotic Vacuum 2. Voluspa Candle Trio 3. “Cravings” Cookbook 4. Small Tasseled Crossbody Bag 5. Drybar Round Brush

For Dad:


Shop for Dad:

1. Apple TV 2. Beer Brewing Kit 3. Grilling Spatula 4. Ugg Slippers

For the Techie:


Shop for Techies:

1. Fit Bit 2. Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 3. HP Portable Photo Printer 4. Amazon Echo Dot

I seriously cannot believe that next weekend is Thanksgiving! Christmas will be here before we know it, so you better start shopping now! I would also keep an eye out on Cyber Monday for some of the techie gadgets mentioned above! They truly have some great deals the Monday after Thanksgiving. I am going outlet shopping with Cody’s mom and sister this weekend, and it is seriously getting me through this week! That, and we are going to a Friendsgiving Saturday night, and I am making a few super yummy things that may or may not be on the blog soon! NOM!

Keep an eye out for THE ULTIMATE GIFT GUIDE part 2, coming next week! Ok, have a SUPER weekend! I hope it is equally relaxing and productive.

As always, thanks so much for reading and leaving sweet remarks!


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Thursday Things: Loafers


I do love wearing heels…I truly do. I love how they give my 5’2 frame some height when I feel stubby, and I like how they make me feel powerful…..but, I also love being comfortable. Enter; the loafer. The ultimate power shoe that is low to the ground. I love how they are a menswear inspired, but adding a fun print or color and a slimmer shape make them more streamline and feminine. Here are my picks:

Cheetah Print Leather Loafers: Seriously, how cute are these?? The shape of this shoe is so conservative, so the cheetah print is an amazing juxtaposition to that.


Black Leather Backless Loafers: These are so sleek. OH man! With slacks, with jeans, midi dresses. The possibilities are endless.


Gold Pointed Toe Loafers: These are the Beyonce of Loafers. The end.


Pointed Toe Mule Loafers: I am dying to get these. It has take all of my willpower not to order them yet. i LOVE the light grey suede. So chic.


Ugg Moccasin Loafer: These are just classy and classic. They are the Jackie Kennedy of Loafers…you could wear them for years to come.



Needless to say I am a little obsessed with loafers and mules. I have also been wanting some classic nude pumps. What’s you current shoe craving?

Happy Friday Eve!

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Thursday Things: Must Have Beauty Favorites


Don’t you super hate when you run out of everything all at the same time? This week I ran out of face wash, moisturizer and make-up. So, I headed to Ulta to stock up on everything. Since I had to make a list of everything I needed for my trip to Ulta, I decided I would just round everything up and share it with you all for Thursday Things!

These are my ride-or-die, deserted island picks that I can’t live without and constantly re-purchase.

MAC Creme Cup: I wrote a bit about this lipstick in my Nude Lips Post. But I really do love this lipstick. It is the perfect, blue-pink color that flatters pretty much every skin tone.


Burt’s Bees Lipstick in Blushed Basin: This is a recent favorite. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It is the perfect “my lips but better” blushy-peachy nude color. It is so moisturizing. It also wears off really nicely, too.


Tarte BB Tinted Primer Treatment: This is technically a BB cream, but it quite honestly has pretty great coverage. I hate wearing thick foundation on my face that feels suffocating. This stuff is awesome because it does cover everything it needs to, but is really breathable and dries to a matte finish. I highly recommend!


It’s a 10 Leave-In Product: I have tried so many other leave-in conditioners, oils, etc…and I keep coming back to this. It smells amazing and makes my hair so so soft. I put it in after I get out of the shower and it makes my hair smell great for days. A little also goes a long away, so a bottle will last you a good long while.


Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer Pencil: I was getting really frustrated with concealers and them not covering my blemishes, so I walked into Ulta one day and the sweet salesgirl recommended this to me. This is the best concealer for blemishes I have ever used. It is creamy so it covers those flaking healing zits really well. It is very full coverage. I just love it!


L’Oreal Double Extend Mascara: Let me start by saying that if this mascara ever gets discontinued, I will cry myself to sleep every night. I get asked pretty often what mascara I use, and always without hesitation I reply “L’Oreal Double extend in the red and white tube.” It has the white primer which is the trick to making your lashes look long and full. It also doesn’t melt when it gets wet, rather, it slides off your lashes and doesn’t leave a black gunk in your tear duct when you wash your face. I will never be without this stuff, its amazing!


Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel: I started using this about 6 months ago. I have re-purchased it about 4 or 5 times. I love it that much. It makes your skin feel quenched and refreshed as soon as you apply it. I have really oily skin, and it definitely does not make me feel oilier. LOVE.


Aquaphor Healing Ointment: This stuff is the best ever. I use it for so much. Every time my skin is dry, flaky or cracking, I just put some of this on it an it heals it almost instantly. I always use it as a chapstick every night before bed or when I am just around the house and don’t need any color on my lips.


I honestly don’t think I could go more than a few days without these products….i know, #diva. Not ashamed. If you have any questions about any of the products mentioned above please don’t hesitate to contact me. I LOVE gushing about all the products I love.

What are your go-to’s? I would love to hear about your favorite in the comments below.

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Thursday Things: Neutral & Blush

Thursday Things: Neutral & Blush
Thursday Things: Neutral & Blush

This week I was quite honestly just picking things that appealed to me aesthetically. When I started to make the collage, I realized there was an unintentional theme. Not mad about it! It just so happened to be a lot of Neutral pieces with some blush tones sprinkled in. I guess that tells you what I am currently craving, which is really the intention of this type of “Thursday Things” post.

I love blogging and following other bloggers because I love constantly being immersed in creativity and inspiration. I sincerely hope that all of you enjoy my random picks as much as I enjoy picking them for you!

Here is what made the cut this week:

Creme short dolman sleeve sweater: This is the perfect “California Fall” top. I think it is so crazy sexy cool, and I would love to pair it with some olive green pants, as shown in the photo. SO cute.


Blush pleated midi skirt: Who said blush wasn’t a fall color?! I would so wear this right now and into fall. I seriously want to take this skirt for a twirl.


Striped silk scarf: The colors of this scarf caught my attention. They aren’t necessarily colors I would have put together, but they work, and the result is so appealing to me. Perfect to tie around your neck or on the handle of your bag.


Quilted nude shoulder bag: This is the classiest little bag I have ever seen. I love that you can wear the chain strap longer or shorter. It is also under $50.00!


Perforated slip-on Vans: No joke had at least 3 pairs of slip-on vans in high school. I remember at least two pairs had a checker pattern. The good ole days! While I am pretty sure I would get some looks if I attempted checkered Vans now, I think this neutral colored pair is just the way to remember my “glory days.”


Yes, I am totally going to order some of these right away! Is there anything you have your eye on? Happy Shopping! Also, happy Friday Eve!

As always, thanks so much for reading!

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Thursday Things: For The Home

This week’s Thursday Things are ALL about the home!

Cody and I moved into our apartment together in March. I guess I have been so preoccupied with so many other things since then I have not put any effort into really making our place a home (even though Cody thinks it became a home when we got a Smart TV…) This fall/winter I am determined to slowly, but surely, make this house a HOME.

I have really been trying to find places to look for some cool pieces that are reasonably priced. I think I have picked some really good things this week. ENJOY!

Striped Throw Blanket: I LOVE a good throw. They are just the best when you’re cuddled up with your babe on the couch watching a movie. This one is the perfect beach-y blue colors.


Crescent Moon Mirror: I think is really adorable. It would be the perfect addition to any gallery wall.


Double Decker Wall Shelf: THIS IS MY FAVORITE COLOR ON THE PLANET. Seriously, though. But this little shelf is so cute and would go perfectly in my bathroom to hold little trinkets, perfumes, etc…


Wooden Honeycomb Shelf: This photo is actually two of the shelves stacked on top of each other. I would love to put these on the wall in my living room and and fill it with trinkets as shown. I would even think about adding the crescent moon mirror and a few other goodies to make a gallery living room wall with it. SO cute!


Trinket Box: I have this weird thing for boxes…every time I go to Home Goods I always take a stroll through the decorative box section and really have to talk myself out of buying one. I think I would put this one on my desk and keep flash drives and memory cards in it.

hmprod (1)

Linen Duvet Cover: Firstly, this is on sale for less than $100. Also, it looks so so so cozy and it comes in the best colors. I personally love this light grey color. I also love linen, so I suppose that is why I am so partial to this simple duvet cover.


Yes, I am SO SO excited to make my home so so cozy for the winter. I am still a little indecisive on what I want the overall feel to be. But, I am hoping to just choose the things I like and hope they kind of all just work together aesthetically.

As usual, thanks so much for reading! I am thinking of doing some fun DIY projects to help the spruce the place up. Keep your eyes peeled for that!

Have a super great 3 DAY WEEKEND!

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Thursday Things: Fall Tops

Recently I have really been craving cooler weather. Likely because all of the cute fall tops, boots, jeans and accessories are starting to surface at some of my favorite shopping spots. It is seriously breaking my heart because it is literally 80 degrees or higher here in Southern California and likely will stay this way probably until way into November. Wahh!!

So, I decided to round up some tops that are definitely fall appropriate, but could likely get away with wearing now! Also, they are pretty affordable, which is never a bad thing!

I just love ALL OF THESE so much. Hope you like them, too!

Striped Blanket Poncho:: I mean, the colors. How California fall are those?! Wear as pictured in the fall and over a cute white romper in the evening now.


Mock Neck Sweater Neck Tank: This sleeveless sweater is just so classy. It would be even cuter with a neutral colored lacy bra peeping through the armhole.


Knit Cardigan: This looks so comfy! Seriously, this looks like it will go with everything and comes in the best fall/winter colors.


Chambray Bell-Sleeve Top: This top is seriously just the cutest. The end.


Grey Sweater Poncho: Ponchos were huge last fall and winter, so I really hope they stick around this year, too! This one just looks SO soft and comfy. So easy to throw on over jeans and boots. This is probably the only one of my selection that I probably wouldn’t wear now, but it was so cute so I had to include it.


Tassel Trimmed Kimono: This comes in 3 colors: black, a burnt orange-y yellow and the green pictured below. This would be adorable over a little white dress now or over a white tank and jeans in the fall.


That is all I have for ya this week! Happy Friday eve! Hope your weekend is beyond fabulous!

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Thursday Things: Shiny & Striped

It just so happened that everything I chose for the Things are either shiny or striped this week. I guess I am in a shiny & striped mood . I am quite alright with that! I hope you enjoy these cute little things I have picked out for you!

Metallic Pointed Mule Flats: I JUST NEED THESE. Period. End of Story.

six 5

Ruffle Sleeve Striped Tee: I just love this top. It is so adorable and can be worn with jeans and the pretty flats above, or some slacks and pumps for work.

six 4

Quay Marble Mirrored Sunnies: I have been so into mirrored sunglasses lately. These are just so pretty. They are also on major sale, so that doesn’t hurt, either.

six 3

Striped and Ruffled Dress: The cutest little dress ever. It looks so light and airy, which is much needed this time of year.

six 2

Link Bracelet: I have one similar to this with all pave links, but I this one would actually be much more versatile. LOVE.

six 1

I hope you liked all the pretty little things I picked for this week! I hope you have a relaxed Friday and a fabulous weekend!

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Thursday Things: Currently Craving

Well Hello!

Congratulations! By the time you are reading this you have almost made it to the weekend! Go you!

So, this week for Thursday Things I just wanted to share a few things I am just really craving right now and that I think are just really cool. I feel kind of all over the place with my choices this week, but oh well! Variety is good sometimes, right?

1. Tula Discovery Kit: I have heard all kinds of good things about this line. I would really love to try it, and I think this little kit might be the best way to get a feel for each product.

five 1

2. Floral PJ set: These jammies are included because HOW FREAKING CUTE ARE THEY?! I can just see myself wearing these on a Saturday morning while flipping pancakes and sipping on coffee. Perfect.

five 2

3. Woven Pouf: I love these little poufs. I think they would add so much character to a space. This one comes in lovely colors, as well.

five 3

4. Peplum T-Shirt: This looks SO comfy. But blushy pink color makes it just as sweet as pie. LOVE.

five 4

5. Everything I Want to Eat Cook Book: This Cookbook contains 100 “health-conscious but delicious dishes.” I am ALL ABOUT THAT when it comes to food. I am hoping it will turn my kitchen into a chic LA restaurant….a girl can dream, right?!

five 5

Happy cyber-shopping! Hope your Friday is Fantastic and your weekend is even better!

sign off

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Thursday Things

YAY!!! I love all my goodies from the NSale that have already arrived. Might go back for round 2!

Here are some accessories and shoes that I think are just to die for!

1. Suede Pumps: These pumps are just FIRE. They aren’t too high, have the perfect amount of point in the toe and come in GORGEOUS colors. Plus they have tiny little spikes that give just the amount of edge. LOVE. NEED.

four 1

2. Set of 2 Semiprecious Stone Bracelets: I love wearing dainty jewelry, especially bracelets. My hands and wrists are like child size, so anything big or bulky just falls off of me. These little cuties come in a ton of pretty colors and are adjustable. WIN.

four 6

3. Skagen Gold Watch: This watch is so sleek and classy. Cody has a skagen and loves it because it is so thin and comfortable to wear.

four 4

4. Puma Sneakers: LOVE these. Every girls needs a pair of fun weekend sneaks. This might just be my fall pair.

four 2

5. Suede Fringe Booties: MORE suede. I ain’t mad about it….these booties look so fun with the extra added flair of the fringe and studs.

four 3

6. Floral Warp Scarf: Sadly, this one is not available anymore….but it is SO pretty I just had to include it. I also sadly just can’t think about scarfs right now…it has been way too HOT.

four 5

I hope you find something you love! Can’t wait to show you all what I already got in the NSale!

Have a fabulous weekend!

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