DIY: Glitter Pumpkins


Can you believe we are half way through the month of October? I can’t! Seriously, everyday I think Thanksgiving is going to be like, next week. I am really excited its fall. I do love summer, and short dresses and living in sandals….but I also love cozy sweaters and thanksgiving food. Also the fact that the Holidays are right around the corner makes it really just a special time.

Since Cody and I have been moved in for ahem, 6 months, ahem, I am finally starting started to decorate more for the Holidays. I saw some plastic Glitter pumpkins similar to this at Home Good’s so, I thought I would try and make my own out of real pumpkins!

What you will need:
-Spray adhesive
-2-4 pumpkins, differing in size
-2-4 different colors loose glitter (I would recommend orange, gold, red, burgundy/maroon)
-paper, a matt, or flattened out paper bags; to catch the glue and glitter

The first pumpkin I made was my “ombre” pumpkin. I began by spraying the top quarter of the pumpkin.


Go ahead and start sprinkling the glitter over the front top quarter of the pumpkin and cover until desired.


Flip the pumpkin around and spray the backside quarter of the pumpkin and add glitter just as you did to the front side.


Ta-Da! An Ombre pumpkin!


For this next pumpkin I wanted to cover the entire surface in glitter, so I began by spraying an entire half of the pumpkin.


You will then go ahead and sprinkle glitter over half of the pumpkin until it is covered. I chose gold glitter for my second pumpkin.


Then flip the pumpkin around, spray the other half and glitter until covered.


Take your third pumpkin and spray half of it, just as you did to your second pumpkin. For my third, I chose an orange glitter, which I thought was going to be my least favorite, but actually turned out to be my favorite!


Then Sprinkle glitter over half of it, just as you did the second pumpkin.


Finally, you will sprinkle glitter over the second half of the third pumpkin.


***Note: The spray adhesive glue will be white until it dries. You will want to leave the pumpkins alone until the glue dries to reduce the amount of glitter that falls off.






I absolutely LOVE the way these turned out. Our pumpkins are living outside our front door. It is a super simple project, which should take you less than an hour to complete and is perfect for a Saturday afternoon! Also, the best thing about these pumpkins is they will last a lot longer than a carved pumpkin, and after halloween you can still open them up and roast some pumpkin seeds….YUM!

I hope you have a very happy Saturday!

As always, thanks SO much for reading!


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