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So, I get asked on occasion how I do my hair and what type of curling I use and what not, so I thought I would just make a little tutorial video. I pretty much do this almost everyday so I have it down to a science. I also want to preface this video by saying that no two people have the same hair/hair type, and this may not work for everyone, but if you try it and love the method or any of the products I use, then that makes me a happy little clam. ๐Ÿ™‚

A Little about how I care for my hair:

When I get out of the shower, I always comb through it with a wide tooth comb, because I hear using a brush is the worst thing you can possibly do on wet hair. After I shower and my hair is wet, I switch off between using this spray and this serum. As I mentioned in the video, I usually let my hair air dry, because I hate blow drying it. It just makes my hair frizzy and I feel like it does more damage than anything else.

I think having a hand mirror is VERY important so that you can look into your big bathroom/vanity mirror through it to ensure that the curls on the back of your head look just as good as the rest of your head. Here is the curling iron I use. It is less than $40 on Amazon, and i seriously love it!

On days when I work out (which is most days) I just come home from the gym, and blow dry the sweat out of my hair at just the roots. After it is dry, I rub some of this dry shampoo around, give it a good brushing through and put it in a top knot and secure it with a clip. Then in the morning when I get up to get ready for work I just let it down, brush through it again, then curl it just like in the video.

That is my typical hair routine and it seems to work for me. If you have any questions please do comment below or email me directly. I hope you enjoyed the video! Thanks SO much for watching.

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