Full Body Sliding Core Disc Workout

Full Body Sliding Core Disc Workout

I am constantly trying to find new ways to mix up my workouts, because I tend to get really bored with certain workouts if I do them too often. I ran across sliding core disc workouts and I was intrigued. I bought these earlier this year, but only recently have I really been utilizing them.

I am finding that I really am starting to love them. After cardio I will do a mini all sliding disc workout, or I will incorporate certain sliding disc moves into other interval or functional routines.

This sliding disc workout is SURE to challenge you in ways that lifting simply just can’t. The sliders activate all of your stabilizer muscles that you may not hit when you are doing static lifts. This type of workout exhausts my muscles in a much different way than other resistance workouts do. It is also very low impact, which is good for older bones, or for runners who are trying to keep the amount of impact to a minimum when resistance training.

Another huge plus with these magic sliding discs is that they are perfect for traveling. If you are a jet setter or are concerned with how to keep up with workouts while on vacation, just throw these in a bag along with some bands and you are good to go!

Here is a 7 move full body sliding disc circuit that is definitely going to challenge you!:

1. Alternating side and backwards lunges


Start in standing position. Slide one leg out to the side. Keep your booty back and don’t let that knee go too far over the toe of the foot that all of your weight is on. Slide back to the starting position. Take the same leg and slide it behind you into a regular lunge position, again, don’t let the knee of the leg with all of your weight on it go too far over your toe. Do 20 reps each side.

2. 1 leg mountain climbers


Start in high plank position with a slider underneath only one foot and have your other foot/leg hover over the floor. Start pedaling your knees up towards your chest keeping one foot on the slider and continue to hover the other leg over the ground. Keep your head up, back flat and don’t let your tush rise too high into the air. Do 20 reps per side.

3. Slide-out push ups


Start in plank position ok knees with a slider under each hand (on your toes if you are super tough and can do these in full plank). Slide one arm out in front of you while doing a push up with the other arm. Repeat with other arm. Don’t let your tush rise into the air and keep that plank strong. Do 20 reps.

4. Hamstring slide-ins:


Start in bridge position with a slider under each foot. Slide your feet out as far as you can and them slide them back in. Keep your glues flexed and don’t compromise your bridge position. Do 15-20 reps.

5. Sliding Pikes


Start in high plank position with a slider underneath each foot. Start to slide your feet in towards your hands with your core until your tush is high up in the air. Slide back out to plank position. Do 20 reps.

6. Sliding squat jack


Start standing with a slider under each foot. Slide your legs out into squat position while simultaneously thrusting your arms upward like you are doing a jumping jack. Slide legs back to starting position and bring arms back down to your sides. When you go into your squat remember to keep your chest up, tush back and protect your knees by not letting them go over your toes.

7. Burpee sliders


Start standing with sliders under both feet. Put your hands on the floor right in front of your feet. Then you will slide your legs back into plank position and then slide them back into your hands so that you land in a low squat position. Come out of the squat position then raise your arms up over your head. Repeat 20 times.

Yes, it is a total burner. I did this workout the day before I shot this at the gym to make sure that it was good. I was seriously so sweaty after! It was such a good workout. So amazing!

Here are the sliders I have and used in the photos above. I also see that these got pretty good reviews on Amazon. I am telling you, some discs along with these bands is like the perfect way to stay fit while you are away from a gym.


I got these leggings just before Christmas and I love them. They are so different and high waisted! It also doesn’t hurt that they are on sale for less than $40. (They come in this super cute print, too!) This tank top is on sale for less than $7. Cody got me these Nikes for Christmas and I love them. They are so comfortable and light to workout in.

Give this one a try. Like I mentioned before this is a really low impact workout, which makes it perfect for me right now because I am training for a half-marathon! (Post to come!)

I will also be posting an awesome smoothie recipe later this week, it is one of my favorite recipes that I make that has some amazing for you ingredients! I hope everyone had a great weekend. I literally didn’t put make-up on or wear anything but my jammies and gym clothes and it was AMAZING! Sometimes you just need a weekend to lay low, ya know?!

Have a fantastic week! Thanks for reading!


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