Lob Inspo…

About a month ago I started feeling really unattached to my hair. I all of the sudden wanted a change. Usually when I feel like this it goes away after a few days. But, this time, it didn’t…and when we were on vacation we went on boats, and in the ocean and all that hair I had was just a knotty mess. So, as soon as I got back I went on the web and searched for some inspiration. Here are some of my favorites:








Can you guess who my biggest inspiration was? I am so glad I took the plunge. It feels so fresh, and it is definitely something new. Change is good, and waking up and doing my hair every morning is exciting again….for now! We will see what happens, though!

A little about what I have been using to style it since the cut:

I am a hair product junkie, I will admit it. I am constantly on the hunt for the best products so I most definitely have a bunch of products I switch off between using. I only wash my hair once a week or so, maybe twice if I do too many really sweaty workouts… I alternate between this shampoo, that is a purple shampoo and this shampoo which is all natural with no harsh chemicals or parabens. I alternate between this super affordable and this damage remedy conditioner, which I LOVE. Some days my hair is literally just too sweaty after a workout to not get it wet and rinse it, so I use this co-cleanser (smells AMAZING!) to kind of just refresh it a little but. After I get out of the shower I typically work either this leave in conditioner or spritz this treatment all over it for heat protection, to de-frizz and make it soft and manageable. Sometimes I let my hair air dry over night and curl it in the morning, or I wash and blow it our with a big round brush. If I curl it (with this curling iron), I always put some of this thermal shine spray all over and kind of scrunch with my fingers, because it also gives it a bit of soft texture. If I blow my hair out it usually needs a bit of de-frizzing, so I spray some of this oil mist on my hands and work it through the bottom half of my hair. Usually does the trick! And when my hair gets a tad dirty, I typically rub a bit of this dry shampoo around and it usually freshens it right up.


Like I said, I am always on the hunt for the best and most nourishing hair products, or any products for that matter, so if you have some absolute must haves please let me know in the comments below!

I hope your weekend is fab!


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