Mint Green Mock Neck Dress


I was in Target to get like toothpaste or something and I somehow ended up in the clothing section and there just happened to be a 20% off all dresses sale going on, and I just happened to leave with this dress….and no toothpaste. No, but really, I had to have this cute little dress. I thought it would be perfect for Thanksgiving with family–I love to look cute, because it is a holiday, but I also want to be comfortable. Plus, I always love to wear dresses on thanksgiving so I can eat whatever I want and I won’t have to worry about the judge mental pink marks around the waist that jeans give you.

Also, these flats are seriously so cute and comfy. Perfect for being on my feet all day helping my mom cook thanksgiving dinner. Also, I think I wore them three days in a row this week to the office.








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We had a super exciting weekend! We had my brother and his wife over for a FEAST that I cooked on Saturday, like legit feast. I made s’mores cookies and they were a huge hit! (If you want the recipe comment below!) Then Cody bought his parents the CUTEST puppy. He is a Shiba Inu/Husky mix. He doesn’t have a name yet, but we love him so much! He may make an appearance on the blog sometime soon!

I also made some yummy food for lunch this week, so I am READY to take on Monday like a champ. Hope everyone has an easy and fast week!

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