My First Thursday Things

Here are a few things I found this week that I would LOVE to get my hands on:

1. Striped Sleep Romper from Nordstrom Rack: Seriously how cute is this? I LOVE the colors and it looks absolutely satiny-y and soft. I love how it is super sweet when you look at the front of it, but when you turn around, it gets just a little bit sexy! It also comes in a two piece set here.

floral sleep romper
2. Gold Sole Society Lace-Up Sandals: These are perfect for summer! They look so comfy and like they would go with dresses or shorts. They also come in a camel and navy color, as well!

gold gladiators
3. Turquoise Choker: I am obsessed with turquoise and I always have been. Also, the 90’s are back….and so are chokers. I ain’t mad about it!

turquoise choker
4. Black Leather Slingback Platforms: These are just too hot to handle! Seriously, I think if I were wearing these, I would strut with mad confidence!

black slingback platforms
5. Daisy Strap Panama Hat: Whenever I am out in the sun for extended periods of time I do try to wear a hat of some kind, just to be sun smart! Wrinkles= bad news, ladies! This one is the perfect size and the daisy strap are just an added bonus!

daisy strap panama hat
6. Little Round Yellow Striped Purse: I just could not resist including this! The price is SO reasonable at $15 and yellow is one of my favorite colors!

yellow striped purse
Happy Friday Eve! Only one more day, YOU GOT THIS!!! Have a very happy and safe 4th of July!

sign off

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