My Top 13 Favorite Shows to Binge Watch


In college, I didn’t really watch that much TV. I mean, every once in a while I would sit down and watch an episode of The Voice (mainly because I am in Love with Adam Levine) but mostly, I was just too busy. While I am still, by my standards, a pretty busy person I do watch a lot more TV. I guess it is because my life has completely changed into the life of a working adult, and at the end of the day, it is just nice to sit and watch some TV. It also doesn’t hurt that there are some crazy-entertaining shows out there. Here are my top 13 and the ones that I think are worth your time.

1. Friends: This is my ALL TIME favorite TV show. I have seen it all the way through about 10 or so times. I think I have most of the episodes memorized at this point. I could also probably tell you what hairstyle Rachel had for each season. To say I am obsessed is an understatement. I always tell Cody that if we get married, I want to make our entrance into the reception to “I’ll be there for you.”

2. Game of Thrones: I was REALLY REALLY late to this one. But, after being repeatedly told by multiple people that we needed to watch it, we finally did it. I must admit it did take a good season to fully become enthralled, but when it gets ya, it GETS YA! Seriously, the storyline is too nuts, the costumes are beautiful and intricate, and the fight scenes are way too real and intense. I think it has something for everybody.

3. Weeds: This show has been around for awhile now (originally aired on 2005, ended in 2012) but we just barely watched it through all the way a few months ago. Then again a second time just recently. It was that good. I like to call Weeds the “watered-down female version of Breaking Bad.” What I liked most about this show was the unpredictability of the story line. Also, it has a killer soundtrack.

4. The Walking Dead: Just WHOA. This show is intense to say the least. I originally thought it would be a little much for me, but I got SUPER into it and just kept wanting to watch. Thinking about how a zombie apocolypse would absolutely turn the world upside down is just nuts. Watch it, do it!


Yes, that is Dr. Drake Ramoray…

5. Pretty Little Liars: Yes, love this show and I am not ashamed! I can’t help it, the drama just simply draws me in cannot wait until all of the newest season comes to Netflix so I can binge watch the crap out of this teenie bopper gem.

6. Parks & Recreation: Amy Poehler is right up there with Jennifer Aniston in terms of “women I want to be when I grow up.” Everything she touches is GOLD. This show is no exception. This is definitely the type of happy/witty show you need to watch between watching Game of Thrones and The walking Dead.

7. Friday Night Lights: TIM RIGGINS. Google him. The small town in this show reminds me of where I grew up, and it brings back all the hometown nostalgic feels. Also, FOOTBALL PANTS.

8. The Office: I did watch this back in high school, but ultimately forgot about it and never finished it when I went off to college. Cody and I just recently watched it the whole way through and I was pleasantly reminded HOW GOOD IT IS. Rainn Wilson the funny uncle you want your children to have growing up.


9. How I Met Your Mother: HIMYM, as I like to call it is most definitely up there with Friends. I just want to be friends with everyone on this show, especially the notorious womanizing forever man-child, Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris, whom I adore).

10. Sherlock: I have the hugest nerd-girl crush on Benedict Cumberbatch probably EVER. He is seriously adorable and mega talented. This modern-day rendition of the British Spy and his right-hand-man will have you glued to the TV, episode after episode, I promise. The episodes are actually really long, like mini movies, but so easy to sit and watch. It currently has three seasons with the first two containing only three episodes each and the third season containing 4 episodes. I have done a bit of research for you, and the good news is that apparently the very in-demand cast has been filming the fourth season all through spring and summer, and will be released on new year’s day 2017. HURRAH!

11. Stranger Things: Ok, so there is only 1 season of this one, so you can only kind of binge-
watch…but IT IS SO GOOD, so I had to include it. I was hooked from the very first episode and just had to keep watching. It is sent in the 1980’s and gives a total Goonies vibe, but slightly darker. It is rumored that season two is in production and will be released Summer ‘17. NOT SOON ENOUGH, NETFLIX!

12. Chef’s Table: In this documentary-type show they showcase a new chef every episode and talk about their background, their style of cooking, the restaurants they have opened, and it is incredible. The pictures are crisp, the stories are raw, and the food looks delicious!

13. Mad Men: I haven’t finished the last season of this one as of yet. I am sad it will be over. I always wonder what it would be like to have been alive in the 1960’s and 70’s. This show gives you a peek into that. Plus Don Draper (in the earlier seasons) is a BABE.

I honestly hope that you give a few of these a chance this cuddle season. Recently my perfect Saturday night has been cooking a delicious meal then settling down to watch a few episodes of our current show. Do you have any favorites? If so, let me know in the comments below, or you can email me! I always love suggestions and talking to those with similar show interests as me!

Hope the rest of your week is FAB!


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