Quick Trip: Julian, CA


A few weeks ago Cody, Cody’s Parents (Scott & Tracy), his sister (Erika) and myself took a quick day trip to Julian, CA.

Julian is a small town an hour East of North East San Diego County in the Cuyamaca mountains. It originated as a mining town in the 1870’s.

We stopped along the way at the little village in Vista, CA off the 78 for a little brunch before heading up the mountain. We ate breakfast at this cute little whole in the wall place that got rave reviews on Yelp. It was called Allen’s Alley Cafe and it was literally in an alley. But SUCH GOOD FOOD. I got juevos rancheros, and I highly recommend if you enjoy Mexican food as much as I!


There were SO MANY cute wall murals that we definitely had to take a photo op….or like 10.




After brunch (& photos!) we drove on up to Julian. The drive there is so pretty. It is beautiful countryside with cows and horses roaming the open fields. It was such a refreshing juxtaposition to the freeways I drive on every day of my life.

When we got into Julian we parked the car and spent the rest of the day on foot walking around. You can pretty much walk the whole “downtown” area of Julian.



Erika, Tracy and I walked around and looked in all of the little shops while Cody and Scott went and tasted some wine.

The shops are absolutely adorable. My favorite one was called “The Warm Heart.” It had cooking gadgets, vintage jewelry, vintage and handmade furniture and SO MANY LITTLE TRINKETS! It was super fun to walk around and just touch everything (yes, I am SO like a kid who needs to touch EVERYTHING).


After we walked around it was time for pretty much the main reason we went there….APPLE PIE! We went on over to the Julian Pie Company.


It was just way beyond delicious! We may or may not have ordered an entire pie for just the five of us….and we also may or may not have eaten an entire pint of vanilla ice cream with the pie. #YOLO


It was just a perfect little slice of heaven!

After we ate our weight in scrumptious apply pie we hobbled around town some more to walk off a few calories.





Overall, it was a really fun and relaxing day. It was really refreshing to get to a place a little off the grid that was slower paced than normal, city life. I am from a really small, rural town and I couldn’t wait to get out and live in a bigger city. Little did I know that I would occasionally crave the small town life.


Hope you enjoyed the mini tour of Julian, CA!

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