Thursday Things: For The Home

This week’s Thursday Things are ALL about the home!

Cody and I moved into our apartment together in March. I guess I have been so preoccupied with so many other things since then I have not put any effort into really making our place a home (even though Cody thinks it became a home when we got a Smart TV…) This fall/winter I am determined to slowly, but surely, make this house a HOME.

I have really been trying to find places to look for some cool pieces that are reasonably priced. I think I have picked some really good things this week. ENJOY!

Striped Throw Blanket: I LOVE a good throw. They are just the best when you’re cuddled up with your babe on the couch watching a movie. This one is the perfect beach-y blue colors.


Crescent Moon Mirror: I think is really adorable. It would be the perfect addition to any gallery wall.


Double Decker Wall Shelf: THIS IS MY FAVORITE COLOR ON THE PLANET. Seriously, though. But this little shelf is so cute and would go perfectly in my bathroom to hold little trinkets, perfumes, etc…


Wooden Honeycomb Shelf: This photo is actually two of the shelves stacked on top of each other. I would love to put these on the wall in my living room and and fill it with trinkets as shown. I would even think about adding the crescent moon mirror and a few other goodies to make a gallery living room wall with it. SO cute!


Trinket Box: I have this weird thing for boxes…every time I go to Home Goods I always take a stroll through the decorative box section and really have to talk myself out of buying one. I think I would put this one on my desk and keep flash drives and memory cards in it.

hmprod (1)

Linen Duvet Cover: Firstly, this is on sale for less than $100. Also, it looks so so so cozy and it comes in the best colors. I personally love this light grey color. I also love linen, so I suppose that is why I am so partial to this simple duvet cover.


Yes, I am SO SO excited to make my home so so cozy for the winter. I am still a little indecisive on what I want the overall feel to be. But, I am hoping to just choose the things I like and hope they kind of all just work together aesthetically.

As usual, thanks so much for reading! I am thinking of doing some fun DIY projects to help the spruce the place up. Keep your eyes peeled for that!

Have a super great 3 DAY WEEKEND!

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