Thursday Things: Currently Craving

Well Hello!

Congratulations! By the time you are reading this you have almost made it to the weekend! Go you!

So, this week for Thursday Things I just wanted to share a few things I am just really craving right now and that I think are just really cool. I feel kind of all over the place with my choices this week, but oh well! Variety is good sometimes, right?

1. Tula Discovery Kit: I have heard all kinds of good things about this line. I would really love to try it, and I think this little kit might be the best way to get a feel for each product.

five 1

2. Floral PJ set: These jammies are included because HOW FREAKING CUTE ARE THEY?! I can just see myself wearing these on a Saturday morning while flipping pancakes and sipping on coffee. Perfect.

five 2

3. Woven Pouf: I love these little poufs. I think they would add so much character to a space. This one comes in lovely colors, as well.

five 3

4. Peplum T-Shirt: This looks SO comfy. But blushy pink color makes it just as sweet as pie. LOVE.

five 4

5. Everything I Want to Eat Cook Book: This Cookbook contains 100 “health-conscious but delicious dishes.” I am ALL ABOUT THAT when it comes to food. I am hoping it will turn my kitchen into a chic LA restaurant….a girl can dream, right?!

five 5

Happy cyber-shopping! Hope your Friday is Fantastic and your weekend is even better!

sign off

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