Upper and Lower Body Bands Workout

OHHHH MAN! Do I have a burner for you!

I got these little bands to kind of mix things up a bit with my workouts. Sometimes I will do a complete band workout and other times I will mix them into my other resistance/interval circuits. I even will do a band workout to supplement a decent 4/5 mile run. I especially love to use them during leg/booty workouts. I am telling you, BURNER!

I do even think they would be really handy to travel with, if you are a gal who travels often.


1. Kick Back: I would recommend using something to put your hands on for balance. Lift your leg up behind you and then back down with control. Do 30 Reps on each side. You can bump up the reps over time.



2. Lateral Side Leg Lift: Again, lightly rest your hand on a chair for balance, lift your leg laterally up then back down with control. Start with 30 reps, and increase over time.



3 Tricep Raise: You can either do this one on your knees or standing up. Hold one end of the band behind your back and grab the other end slightly over your head. Start with your arm at a 90 degree angle and then extend it straight up. Then control it back down and repeat.



4. Squat Walks: Wrap the band around your thighs just above your knees (Make sure to have good squat form and not let the knees go too far over the toes). Walk laterally about 15 paces and then walk back. Yeah, this one burns!




5. Straight-Leg Deadlift: Stretch a pretty heavy band underneath your feet which should be shoulder width apart. Grab the top part of the bands with your hands. Your butt should be way back, back flat and face up. Pull the band up using your glutes and hamstrings. Squeeze at the top and then release back down with control.




6. Bicep Curl: Kneel on one knee with the other foot on the floor. Put one end of the band underneath the foot on the floor. Hold the other side of the band with your hand on the same side. Hover your elbow over your knee and pull the band toward the rest of your arm. Release back down with control.



7. Row: In the same kneeling position you were in with the bicep curl, take the band in the opposite hand and pull back. Keep your elbow close to your body and squeeze. Release back the the starting position with control.




8. Lat Pull Down: Start with each hand at either end of the band and hold it straight above your head. Pull band downwards with your elbows straight out to the sides. Squeeze your shoulder blades together. Release back up with control.




That is all! It will be a burner for sure! Do Not forget to stretch & roll after!


Bands: These are less than $11.00 and come in a little pouch that is easy to put into your gym bag.

Shorts: These little shorts are the BEST! They are comfy and such a light material.

Similar Tank: I am unsure why I can’t find my specific tank on the lulu website, because it is the lightest, most forgiving material ever. But I linked another striped one that I also think is cute.

I hope you can incorporate some of these moves into some of your favorite workouts! Thanks a ton for reading!

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